City Clerk-Treasurer


The City Clerk-Treasurer is a combined position appointed by the Mayor.  
  • Maintains all public records including all laws and ordinances
  • Issue and sign all licenses, permits, and occupation tax receipts authorized by law and required by City ordinances
  • Prepares and publishes the official proceedings of the City Council and all meeting notices
  • Custodian of all money belonging to the City
  • Reconciles and reports on all City bank accounts and funds
  • Prepares annual budgets and audit filings 
  • Manages Sales Tax and Property Tax Revenues
  • Manages Economic Development loans and grants 
  • Manages TIF projects and reporting
  • Prepares State and Federal reporting
  • Manages grant programs 
  • Records outstanding bonds against the City 
  • Prepares monthly claims for Council's approval
  • Prepares a monthly report to the City Council
  • Manages all payroll and employee programs
  • Applies and maintains permits necessary for City facilities
  • Assists in accounts receivables, including utility bills and department deposits