Boards & Committees

​City Council Standing Committees
Each Council member is appointed by the Mayor to serve on several of the standing committees for one year.  The Committees meet on an as needed basis and must be advertised 3-5 days in advance.
  • Finance-License-Insurance
  • Streets-Alleys-Landfill
  • Lights-Gas-Telephone
  • Water-Fire-Sewer
  • Zoning-Building- Parks
  • Community Betterment Committee (meets every June and December)
Volunteer Boards and Committees
The Mayor appoints volunteers to serve on the following boards and committees usually for a 3 or 4 year term.  
  • Safety Committee (Mayor, Council President, Street Superintendent, Assistant Fire Chief)
  • Board of Health (Mayor, Council President, City Physician, Sheriff or Deputy)
  • Sales Tax Loan Committee (5 members-1 administrator)
  • Sales Tax Citizen Advisory Review Committee (5 members)
  • Geneva Activity & Education Department Board (1 Council member-School Superintendent-3 members at large)
  • Planning Commission (9 members)
  • Board of Appeals (3 members)
  • Board of Adjusters (5 members)
  • Commission on Aging (6 members)
  • Library Board (5 members)
If you wish to serve Geneva by volunteering for one of the Boards or Committees, please contact the Mayor or City Administrator.