Peddler's Permit
A permit is required for an itinerant merchant residing outside of Fillmore County.  The fee is $25 per person per day or $100 per person per year.  All types of door to door selling requires a permit.  To obtain a permit one must fill out an application, show a current form of ID, pay the fee, and pass a background check provided by the Fillmore County Sheriff's Department.  The fee is waived for a merchant that resides within Fillmore County for the purpose of goodwill and promoting interaction between the communities within the County.

Dog License
The City encourages all Geneva residents who own a dog(s) over the age of 6 months to license the dog(s) each year. The owner must provide proof of rabies and follow the fee schedule below.
  • One dog: Free
  • Two dogs: $10
  • Three dogs: $50
  • Four Dogs: $100 (City ordinance states residents may own a maximum of four dogs)
The owner will receive a metallic tag that the City encourages owners to attach to the dog's collar so in the event that the dog is lost or running at large, the Animal Control Officer is able to return the dog to the proper owner.

Tobacco License
Any person, company, or corporation desiring to sell tobacco at retail has to file with the City Clerk.  One must fill out an application and pay $10.  The license is good for one year.

Liquor License
The City is authorized by ordinance to regulate the business of all retail, craft brewery, and microdistillery licenses carried on within corporate limits.  The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission mails the Clerk the license issued or renewed by the Commission and the Clerk is responsible to license the licensee as long as the following requirements are met:
  • Approval from the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
  • Pay license fee (based on license class), publication, and occupation tax
Every licensee is required under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act to display the current license framed or hung in plain view on the licensed premises.

If a business would like to obtain a special designated liquor license for an event within the City limits they must apply to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and include a letter from the City stating the Council's approval.  One must request the letter from the City Clerk and pay a $5 fee.

Fireworks Distributor Permit  
Under City ordinance any person or business wishing to sell any type of fireworks must obtain a a license from the State Fire Marshall and from the City. Permissible fireworks maybe sold at retail only between June 24 and July 5 of each year.

For more information about licenses and permits, please contact the City Clerk.