Cemetery Regulations

Speed Limit is 15 m.p.h.

Leash and clean up after your dog!  It's required by law.

Decorations are not permitted on the grass 2 weeks after Memorial Day. After that time any flowers,decorations, statues, that are on the ground, not in permanent vases attached to the headstone base or directly to the headstone will be removed by the determination of the cemetery workers.

Shepherds hooks, etc are not allowed during the mowing season.

Glass containers for flowers or wire for anchoring or stabilizing decorative materials are extremely dangerous to visitors, and cemetery workmen using modern moving equipment.  Therefore, the use of wire or glass or other shatterable materials are strictly forbidden.

Wreaths, flowers and other materials left on graves, which have withered or become unsightly will be removed without notice.

Permission for any planting in the cemetery must be authorized by the city administrator.
       - Any plantings that are approved are not the responsibility of the cemetery for care.

Children must be attended by parents or other adult.

The cemetery will be closed during the nighttime hours.

Please be respectful of the cemetery and the cemetery grounds.

The City of Geneva assumes NO responsibility for vandalism, theft or the destruction of vases or floral decorations by causes beyond our control.