Meeting Rooms

Geneva Public Library provides three meeting rooms for library and public use. The overall calendar is available to view. Reservations for the rooms can be made online by following the links below or by calling library staff at 402-759-3416.

The Large Meeting Room, in the basement, offers seating for 50+ and a dozen 6 foot tables. This room has a ceiling-mounted projector with an HDMI connection for laptops.  A computer with a cd drive and USB ports; DVD player; double-sided marker board, microphones, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, and sink are available for use in the room. The Large Meeting Room is available during, and outside of, regular library hours.

Large Meeting Room 2023-05-25
Small Meeting Room 2023-02-07

The Small Meeting Room, at the garden level, offers seating for 25 people.  This room features a large, wall-mounted television with an HDMI connection for laptops, as well as a small counter top area with sink. The Small Meeting Room is available during, and outside of, regular library hours.

The Board Room, inside the library, offers seating for 6 at one large oak table. A wall-mounted television with HDMI and USB ports are available to connect with. The Board Room is only available during regular library hours.

Board Room 2022-03-22_2920

The Geneva Log Cabin is a rental facility shared between the City of Geneva and the GFWC Geneva Women's Club.  Geneva Public Library manages reservations for this particular facility, which can be made online by following the link below or by speaking with any library staff at 402-759-3416.

The Geneva Log Cabin, located at 1398 E Street in Geneva, offers several tables and folding chairs, a kitchen area with serving window, and restroom.  A $50 refundable deposit and a $50 daily use fee, payable to GFWC Geneva Women's Club, applies to renting this facility.

Reviewed/updated 18 April 2023.