Digital Newspaper Archive

2023 Digitized Materials

In 2023, the following materials were digitized and added to the archive:

  • Geneva High School and Fairmont High School yearbooks, pre-2000.
  • "The Fillmore County Story" book.

2022 Digitized Materials

In 2022, the following new materials were digitized and added to the newspaper archive:

  • Fairmont 100th Centennial [book] 1873-1973.
  • Fairmont 125th Anniversary [book] 1873-1998.
  • 1918 Fillmore County atlas.
  • 1977 Fillmore County atlas.
  • Airbase Golden Anniversary 1946-1996, special edition of the York News-Times.
Pile of Nebraska Signal newspapers.

Newspaper Digitizing Project

In February 2018, the five libraries throughout Fillmore County came together to accomplish a major goal: to digitize all historical newspapers from Fillmore County, and have the full text searchable database available to the public by March 2021, in celebration of the county's 150th anniversary.

As of June 14, 2023, the database offers full-text searchable images of Fillmore County newspapers published between 1872 and 2020, and available by following this link:

Approximately 280 unique rolls of microfilm were identified to digitize, as well as two distinct sets of newspapers in fragile condition which had never been microfilmed.  This covered newspapers dating back to 1872, and included newspapers from Exeter, Fairmont, Geneva, Grafton, Milligan, Ohiowa, Shickley, and Strang.

The initial costs of digitizing and updating the newspaper database were been met through the generous donations of sponsors listed below.  That said, there are annual costs associated with adding each new year of newspaper images, and other historically important and available books and materials.  

Donations to the project are happily excepted and will be recognized on the library websites. Donations are tax deductible within the extent of prevailing laws.  To make a donation of any amount, simply fill out the form available here. Checks should be made to the Geneva Public Library Foundation. Please mail your payment, along with a completed form, to any of the Fillmore County Libraries listed on this form.

Moving forward, a two year waiting period will be observed between publishing date of the newspaper and when it appears in this database. 

Major Sponsors
The Earl and Jessie Wilkins Fund, a donor-advised fund managed under the Fillmore County Foundation, has pledged to match all donations on a two-to-one basis, up to $24,000. Over the last few years, the Earl & Jessie Wilkins Fund has taken steps to enhance the lives of Fillmore County residents by awarding grants to various organizations. The advisory committee of the Fund and the Fillmore County Foundation believe digitizing the newspapers of Fillmore County will preserve historic artifacts that are central to the narrative of this area.

The Mary F. Tous Charitable Foundation has awarded the project $6,870.  

The Shickley Community Foundation has awarded the project $3,500.
Organization and Business Donor Recognition
  • Milligan Community Club, $1,500
  • Fillmore County Genealogical Society, $1,000
  • Fillmore County Historical Society, $700
  • Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees, $500
  • Fairmont Public Library Board of Trustees, $200
  • GFWC Fairmont Woman's Club, $100

Individual Donor Recognition

  • Anonymous donor, Exeter, NE
  • Robert and Sandra Bettger, Fairmont, NE
  • In memory of Marilyn Christiancy, by Larry and Diane Heath, Geneva, NE
  • John and Judith Dinneen, Exeter, NE
  • John and Jo Ann Edgecombe, Geneva, NE
  • In memory of Jo Ann Edgecombe, by Bob and Jeanann Bartels, Tempe, AZ
  • Stephen and Julie Kramer, Cromwell, CT
  • In memory of Evelyn Mersch, by John Hofferber, Geneva, NE
  • Virginia Sammis, Berthoud, CO
  • Jim and Bea Snodgrass, Fairmont, NE

Reviewed/updated 14 June 2023.